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About Us

Quality first is a word we often mention. This is the slogan of our factory

As one of the largest markets in the world, China will become the first purchasing option for international traders. We provide a complete supply chain for the clothing industry and reduce labor costs. We believe that we have the ability to display high-quality products with the wisdom of Chinese people and the advanced experience of our partners. As one of the numerous clothing suppliers in China, Though we know that we are ordinary, we just insist on meeting the requirements of our customers as much as we can, which is the most important part of our business cooperation. To do simple business, to provide high-quality products is our principle, which is what we firmly believe and adhere to!

Why choose hsz
We focus on pajamas. We have our own professional production factory and also have OEM/ODM services we will provide customers with appropriate suggestions according to their need

Meet demand

We are specializing in Pajama. We have our own professional production factory, we also have OEM/ODM service, We will give proper suggestions to customers according to the style they want. We can provide customers with design scheme for free, and we will try our best to meet the needs of customers. I believe that No incapable except unthinkable.

Small profits but quick turnover

We will try our best to match the market that suitable for customers according to the target price of the customers. As a wholesaler, we take Small profits but quick turnover as our purpose. So the price we give is absolutely competitive in the market.

High quality fabric

Pajamas are next-to-skin, therefore our pajamas are generally made of high-quality and comfortable materials. Due to the different demands of each customer for fabrics, we will recommend the corresponding fabrics and clothing according to the needs of customers. We will try our best to meet the requirements of our customers and make them satisfied with our service.

quality assurance

We have a professional quality inspection team, and customers can feel at ease with our products. Before delivery, we will re-check the goods to ensure that there aren’t any quality problems in the material of the products before sending to the customers.

Benefits of cooperation with hsz
Ln business since 2013, HSZ is committed in providing high qualified custom clothing and OEM clothing with exceptional importance on quality and service.

We have a professional sales team, we will answer customers' questions in time, and formulate corresponding plans according to the different needs of each customer. Provide customers with timely and effective services.


We have our own production team, and our business model adopts "small profits but quick turnover", so our prices are competitive in the market.


We have a strong design team. If customers need develop their own exclusive brand, they can put forward their own design requirements. We will help customers draw the design and try our best to satisfy them.


Our production capacity is stable. Under the influence of natural factors, we will deliver the goods within the delivery period reported to the customer, so that the customer can receive the product in time and provide the customer with a good shopping experience.

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